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I'm Kevin. Lingoes is an easy-to-use dictionary and text translation software developed by me. I hope it can help more people to learn foreign languages besides of me. So I decide to provide you to use freely. Hope you will like it.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us via e-mail at one of the following email addresses
Author:  Kevin Yau
Project of Dictionary Publication
  • For Lingoes Users
    If you have high-quality dictionary data and want to apply it in Lingoes, we will perform the format conversion and publish the information on the web site. (Note that you should provide common data formats, such as TXT files, XML files, CSV files, Excel worksheet and Access database. If you have some special file formats, please give us the file structure information)
  • For Dictionary Authors or Publishers
    If you wish to release exclusive dictionaries of electronic version,we will be able to customize the software for you. If you wish to publish the dictionaries applicable in Lingoes, we will be able to offer you dictionary services with copyright protection.
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