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Author: hotmeteor    Edition: 1    Update: 2009-08-12    Total words: 1626    Grade: 4

Edition: 1    Update: 2008-01-02    Total words: 46815    Grade:
The Kangxi Dictionary (Chinese: 康熙字典; pinyin: Kāngxī Zìdiǎn; Wade-Giles: K'ang-hsi tzu-tien) was the standard Chinese dictionary during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Kangxi Emperor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty ordered its compilation in 1710 and it was published in 1716. The dictionary is named after the Emperor's era name.

The Kangxi Dictionary editors, including Zhang Yushu (張玉書) and Chen Tingjing (陳廷敬), partly based it on two Ming Dynasty dictionaries: the 1615 Zihui (字彙 "Character Collection") by Mei Yingzuo (梅膺祚), and the 1627 Zhengzitong (正字通 "Correct Character Mastery") by Zhang Zilie (張自烈). Since the imperial edict required that the Kangxi Dictionary be compiled within five years, a number of errors were inevitable. The Daoguang Emperor established a review board and their 1831 Zidian kaozheng (字典考證 "Character Dictionary Textual Research") corrected 2,588 mistakes, mostly in quotations and citations. (Teng and Biggerstaff 1971: 130)

The supplemented dictionary contains 47,035 character entries, plus 1,995 graphic variants, giving a total of 49,030 different characters. They are grouped under the 214 radicals and arranged by the number of additional strokes in the character.

Edition: 1    Update: 2007-12-04    Total words: 203767    Grade: 4

Author: LexisNexis    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-07-20    Total words: 8079    Grade:
This is the first and only English-Chinese Hong Kong legal dictionary with references to local authorities. This dictionary which contains nearly 9000 words and phrases provides a comprehensive starting point for legal research, containing necessary hints and catchwords for further analysis through the other research tools. Legal practitioners and academics will find this work handy and useful.

Author: Lingoes Project    Edition: 1    Update: 2007-12-16    Total words: 273332    Grade:

Author: Lingoes Project    Edition: 1    Update: 2007-12-16    Total words: 284541    Grade:

Author: sounpeng    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-10-11    Total words: 5446    Grade: 4
Some professional word of Security and Finance

Author: Xu Shen    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-08-19    Total words: 9815    Grade:







Author: Lu Ming-Tse    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-09-21    Total words: 380    Grade: 4

Author: Russkiy Yazyk – Media    Edition: 1    Update: 2009-10-09    Total words: 27660    Grade:
The Dictionary includes 4,100 most commonly used hieroglyphs and over 26,000 words and word combinations. The author believes that this Dictionary will answer the needs of students studying Chinese at university level, as well as enabling its users to read Chinese newspapers and magazines with only very occasional look-ups in larger dictionaries. It can also be used as a reference book on Chinese spelling and pronunciation, and serve as a source of linguistic material for textbooks.
The Dictionary is intended for Chinese students, teachers, and sinologists.

23 Dictionaries in "Languages" Page 2 of 3:  1  2  3
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