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How to install & use dictionary?
How to install dictionary?
1. Lingoes must be installed in your system before you install dictionary. If Lingoes isn't installed, please download Lingoes now, and install it at once.
2. Double-click the dictionary file and the dicitonary will be installed in Lingoes automatically after download dictionary into local hard disk. You can click setup button from managing dictionaries window as well, and choose the dictionary to install.
3. Furthermore, you can decide whether add the dictionary into the cursor translator group and index list group after installing it:
  • Add it into "Index Group"
    Lingoes appears nearby term in the left side bar and the definition in the dictionary appears in the right side area synchronously while you type letter of term.
  • Add it into "Cursor Translator Group"
    Lingoes searches the dictionaries list of cursor translator group and appears the definition of the term in these dictionaries in a pop-up window while you active cursor translator successfully
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