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Dictionary Format
Source File Format of Lingoes Dictionary
The LDF dictionary source file contains the terms (glossary) and their definitions comprising the dictionary. The main body of the dictionary source text file consists of a collection of entries called terms. These are the words and phrases defined in the dictionary. The term is the primary key (index) of the dictionary. it is stored with Unicode text.

1. Content of dictionary is constructed by terms:

Examples: demo.ldf
###Title: name of the dictionary
###Author: author's name of the dictionary
###Email: author's email address
###Copyright: copyright about the dictionary
[blank line]
term 1
define 1
[blank line]
term 2
define 2
[blank line]
[blank line]
term n
define n
[blank line]

The part of reference explains properties of dictionary, the reference is constituted with six lines and ### begins each line. The order of the 6 lines cannot be changed. Please keep blue characters intact. Leave a space in writing if there is nothing for one line. For instance:

###Title: Lingoes English Dictionary
###Description: Lingoes English Dictionary provides common English words, phrases, idioms, abbreviations and professional terms.
###Author: Kevin
###Copyright: Copyright © 2007 Lingoes Project

In the LDF file, each term or glossary entry has the following basic structure:
One term is made of 3 lines, there are
a line of word, a line of explain, a blank line. For instance:

n. bevel, cant, chamfer (two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees)

n. the state of being welcome<br/>v.
accept gladly<br/>adj. giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted

n. the supreme effort one can make; topper (the person who is most outstanding or excellent)

n. benefit; goodness<br/>adj. estimable, honorable, respectable (deserving of esteem and respect)

  • You can add alternate words for one entry with | between 2 alternate words. e.g. good|well|best, the main entry is good, well and best are alternate words.
    What's Alternate word(s)?
    When you input well or best, Lingoes will display explanation of itself(if any) and main word good. The method can apply to tense, deformation, and synonym of a word.
  • All explanation content must be in one line. If you need wrap display,  <br/> is a good way.
  • You can use following formatted symbol to optimize explanation of words. (red part is formatted symbol, any symbol must be lowercase.)
    <font color="#ColorValue">
    Color Text</font>    Formate of value of color is RRGGBB, e.g. blue color is #0000FF
    <ref>Reference</ref>    When reader click the word Reference, the word Reference will be linked and the explanation will display.
  • In explanation content, except for above formatted symbols,
    source code &lt; will display < on screen
    source code &gt; will display > on screen
    source code &amp; will display & on screen

2. Editor: you can choose any text editor supporting Unicode

e.g. Windows Notepad, UltraEdit, EditPlus etc., The works must be saved as Unicode format.

3. How to compile source file into .ld2 file of Lingoes Translator

Lingoes Dictionary Creator is developing now. Please send your finished dictionary source file to, Lingoes will compile it into .ld2 for you. You will can do it yourself after the creator release.

Project of Dictionary Publication
  • For Lingoes Users
    If you have high-quality dictionary data and want to apply it in Lingoes, we will perform the format conversion and publish the information on the web site. (Note that you should provide common data formats, such as TXT files, XML files, CSV files, Excel worksheet and Access database. If you have some special file formats, please give us the file structure information)
  • For Dictionary Authors or Publishers
    If you wish to release exclusive dictionaries of electronic version,we will be able to customize the software for you. If you wish to publish the dictionaries applicable in Lingoes, we will be able to offer you dictionary services with copyright protection.
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