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Author:    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-08-01    Grade:

Author:    Edition: 2    Update: 2014-08-16    Grade: (meaning “Interactive” in English) is the largest Chinese wiki site in this Web-RW era. Built on the first proprietary Chinese wiki software enabled by extensive Web 2.0 elements, grows to be the largest “Chinese Wikipedia” with improving quality where the content is updating continuously through collective human knowledge contribution. On the other hand side, Hudong released the first Open Source Chinese wiki software HDWiki in the world to fulfill one million websites’ demand to build up a wiki channel or independent wiki site, which helps build up an active wiki community. As the first commercial wiki application in China, also makes huge contribution to the community and society by promoting mutual trust and social collaboration.

2 Dictionaries in "Online" Page 1 of 1:  1
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