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Polytechnical English-Russian Dictionary
The Comprehensive English-Russian Scientific and Technical Dictionary. © RUSSO, 1997. 200,000 words and expressions.

This Dictionary is the first attempt in Russian lexicography to provide an all-encompassing snapshot of the current British, American, and Russian terminology related to technology and applied sciences. The Dictionary was compiled by a large team of experts specializing in various areas of scientific knowledge and technical translation.

The authors and the publisher did their best to include as many terms as possible.

Detailed entries have labels indicating to which branch of science or technology the given meaning belongs. In some cases, the most typical collocations are given.

Headwords are either verbs or nouns. Adjectives can be found in the corresponding noun entries.
Version: 2.4
Edition: 1
Language: English ⇒ Russian
Author: RUSSO,
Update: 2008-08-31 / 2008-08-31
Total words: 176348
Online: No
Size: 10.67 MB

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