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Author: XAYY翸I    Edition: 1    Update: 2009-04-19    Total words: 10704    Grade: 4
A tentative to build a "scientific" trilingual French-English-Pârsi (Persian or "Farsi" with latin characters) Dictionary, with many quotations in these three languages. For additional information, and possibly further clarification (in particular : conventions used for Persian transcription, the rationale), we refer you to the site N.B. This is a work-in-progress, therefore you may expect frequent, ~monthly, updates.

Author: Aryanpour    Edition: 1    Update: 2009-06-03    Total words: 50259    Grade: 4
Generic English-Persian Dictionary provides Pesrian translation for common English words, phrases, idioms, abbreviations and professional terms.

Author: Morteza Mahmoudzadeh    Edition: 1    Update: 2009-09-16    Total words: 113328    Grade:
In this version of Persian-English dictionary:
1- You can use the LINKED LIST. It's nice!
2- farsi words have been revised
3- parenthesis are almost free of wrong

Author: Massoud Mokhtari    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-10-06    Total words: 4851    Grade: 4
This concise English-Farsi (Persian) law dictionary contains almost 5000 words, phrases and abbreviations, including over 400 most practical Latin terms.
Searching an item in this glossary often brings a list of terms and their meanings in the result box instead of a single matching entry. This list contains a group of human selected relevant terms to the searched item and the searched item itself but not necessarily at the top of the list. This feature will improve the user's vocabulary and writing skills by showing a group of interrelated terms in a single list together.
For searching multiple words terms like phrases there is no need to type all the words completely, typing or clicking on just a single word - preferably the keyword - will culminate in the result.

Author: Hojjat Rabiee    Edition: 1    Update: 2010-11-04    Total words: 157184    Grade: 4
Advanced farsi glossary with expression's details and similar word.

5 Dictionaries in "Languages" Page 1 of 1:  1
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